Our B2B services

We design and edit our own games for a general public. We also offer B2B video game development (advergame, serious game, social game, casual game).

Our approach

Every single day we aim to be the best in the business by providing service of the hightest quality, pursuing innovation, breaking barriers, striving for simplicity and serving our clients with pride and humility.

You shall find this love for quality work in all our productions but also in our techniques, e.g. how we manage our projects, our development schedule, our quality policy, our customer relations etc.

There is no room for carelessness in the video game industry. “A game shall be either terrible or great. Video gaming is a world of passion in which you can’t strike a happy medium.”.

Buying an up-market game does not mean you have to spend much money. Thanks to our customisable mock-ups and prototypes, we’re able to offer budget services.